Euroregional Industrial Heritage in mining  


The Euroregion has a common history, namely the mining industry. On the one hand, in the industrial era, mining was an important driver of economy and social development in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion. On the other hand, after the implosion of the mining industry, every sub-region went through its own process of deindustrialization and reconversion. The mark left by the mining history on the Euroregion in just a brief time can hardly be overestimated, both in social-economics terms and in terms of its spatial landscape. Mining history is much more than a mere footnote in the history of modernisation.


The focus of this visit will be on two major mining sites in Beringen and Blegny.

Blegny was awarded World Heritage status in July 2012. Located between Liège and Maastricht, Blegny-Mine is one of the four authentic coal mines in Europe with underground galleries accessible for the visitors through the original shaft. Equiped with a jacket and a helmet, take the mining cage down to the galleries situated - 30 and - 60 metres bellow the ground level to understand how coal was extracted.


Find out all about the fascinating lives of the miners and their though working conditions. See the technical equipment underground, the coal, the noisy machinery, ...

Beringen is the largest industrial heritage site in Flanders and redesignated as a touristic project. In this unique and uncluttered mining site the best preserved mining buildings in Europe are preserved.


Guide: Jean Bruijnzeels

Date: 29th August


08.30 Departure Maasboulevard ((Hoeg Brök) by bus

08.30 Maastricht-> Beringen

09.30 Arrival Be-mine

09.30 Guided Tour

11.30 Visit Museum, coffee/tea

12.45 Lunch Beringen

13.45 Beringen – Blegny via Cheratte

15.00 Arrival Mine Blegny

15.00 Guided tour Mine Blegny

16.45 Blegny-Maastricht

17.15 Arrival in Maastricht

Welcome at the 23rd Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

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