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Flint production was a major industry in Neolithic times in the Euroregion Meuse-Rhine. One of the most famous flint mines was Rijckholt. All over North-Western Europe Rijckholt flint can be found at archaeological excavations. During this excursion, we will walk through the flint mining landscape and try to visit one of the mine shafts. After this unique view into the Neolithic times we will travel to Ramioul where at the Préhistomuseum we will take a look at the exhibition, choose one of the workshops (chopping flint, making fire.) and have a Neolithic lunch. On our way back to Maastricht we will stop at the archaeological site of Veldwezelt-Hezerwater. Five hunting camps from Neanderthals were discovered there, dating from different era (130.000 – 40.000 BP). In a very special way this outdoor archaeological site can be experienced.


Guide: José Schreurs

Date: 3 September


08.30 Departure bus Maasboulevard ((Hoeg Brök)

08.30 Maastricht - Rijkholt

08:50 Arrival Kaffee Riekelt

09.00 Flint mines Rijkholt

10.30 Coffee/tea Kaffee Rijkholt

11.00 Rijkholt - Ramioul

12.00 Arrival Préhistosite Ramioul

12.00 Lunch Ramioul

13.00 Workshop & guided tour

15.30 Ramioul - site Veldwezelt

16.20 Arrival site Veldwezelt

16.30 Veldwezelt

17.30 Veldwezelt - Maastricht

18.00 Arrival Maastricht

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