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The Euregion Meuse-Rhine was one of the most romanised areas in the northwestern frontier of the Roman Empire. Tongeren was the capital of the Civitas Tungrorum and a lot of the Roman remains can still be seen. The Gallo-Roman Museum was awarded “European Museum of the Year” in 2011. The Gallo-Roman Museum spared neither effort nor money to make the permanent exhibition exciting for everybody. Educational films, maquettes and convincing synthetic figures bring those distant times back to life; marvel at more than 2,000 objects from the museum’s own collection.


The Thermenmuseum in Heerlen contains the remnants of a gigantic Roman bathhouse that is 2,500 m2 in size. This is the Netherlands' best preserved Roman building at 2000 years old. The exhibition gives a clear insight in the daily life of Roman citizens in a rural context. A guided tour led by curator Dr. Karen Jeneson will show you the complete history of this site.


Guide: Karen Jeneson

Date: 3 September


08.30 Departure Maasboulevard ((Hoeg Brök) by bus

08.30 - 09.15 Maastricht - Heerlen

09.30 Arrival Thermenmuseum

09.00 Thermenmuseum

10.30 -11.00 Coffee/tea Thermenmuseum

11.10 -12.10 Heerlen - Tongeren

12.20 Arrival Tongeren

12.20 Lunch Tongeren (at own expenses)

13.30 Guided tour Roman Tongeren*

15.30 Coffe/tea Gallo-Romeins museum

16.00 Guided tour Gallo-Romeins museum

17.10 Tongeren - Maastricht

18.00 Arrival Maastricht


* Roman Tour

Walk through Tongeren: sculpture of Ambiorix – Vrijthofsite – Replica of the Medusamonument – Keizer Julianus – Dodecaëder.

Tour with the bus: Roman city wealls – replica Roman temple – Roman Aquaduct Beukenberg – tumuli.

Welcome at the 23rd Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

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