1. Twenty-five Years after Maastricht: Archaeology and Europe's future  

How do contemporary political and mostly centripetal processes within Europe affect archaeology and how does archaeology contribute to a more inclusive society?

2. The Valletta Convention: the next 25 years 

How has the ‘Valletta Convention’ been implemented across Europe? What strengths and weaknesses are revealed by comparative analysis? What opportunities and threats lie ahead? Does the Convention need rewriting? - A joint organisation with EAC

3. Trans- and Metadisciplinary Approaches in Archaeology 

How does archaeology engage societal groups in the definition of research questions? Should it involve society more in the selection and development of research methods, even in research and publication itself? How does academic archaeology relate to public or citizen science or to art and artists?

4. The 'Third Science Revolution' in Archaeology 

How do new scientific methods revolutionize archaeological theory and practice?

5. Comparing Archaeology Across Regions and Periods 

How can we compare the results of regional archaeological projects? What is to gain from comparisons over large geographical distances or across periods?

6. Interpreting the Archeological Record 

In addition to the five key themes of EAA Maastricht 2017 it is important to ensure sessions with a broader interest base are comfortably accommodated within the programme.

Welcome at the 23rd Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

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