Please note that all participants have to be current (paid-up for 2017) EAA members. If you are not current EAA member, please renew your membership by logging in at the EAA website


For queries about your EAA membership, please contact the EAA Administration at Please note that registration for EAA Maastricht 2017 is separate from EAA membership application/renewal, and you have to complete both in order to attend the conference.


For further information on EAA membership categories please refer to Nationality according to the EAA: the country in which you work or study (see the EAA Guideline on assigning members to Countries).


Please register for the conference here


All mentioned fees are in Euro (€) and including non-refundable Dutch VAT.

Conference Registration 

Conference Registration fees before 20 May 2017 - on and after 20 May 2017 - onsite:

Member: €150 - € 175 - € 225

Student member: € 100 - € 120 - € 200

Discounted country member: € 100 - € 120 - € 175

Discounted country student member: € 85 - € 110 - € 175

Retired member: € 100 - € 120 - € 200

Lunch voucher for three days: € 45 - € 45 - n/a

Printed abstract book: € 20 - € 20 - n/a


The Conference Registration fee includes:

Conference package with printed programme book

Admission to the Opening Ceremony

Admission to the Welcome Reception

Admission to the Annual Party (+ 1 complimentary drink)

Admission to the Exhibition Area

Coffee and tea breaks


Discounted countries (eligible for discounted registration rates):

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Kosovo, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Social Events fees 

Social Events before 1 May 2017 - on and after 1 May 2017 - onsite:

Welcome Reception on Wednesday 30 August: free - free - n/a

Annual Party on Thursday 31 August: free - free - n/a

Annual Membership Business Meeting on Friday 1 September 2017: free - free - n/a

MERC reception on Friday 1 September 2017: € 15 - € 15 - n/a

Annual Dinner on Saturday 2 September: € 65 - € 65 - n/a

Accompanying person fees 

Accompanying person before 1 May 2017 - on and after 1 May 2017 - onsite):

Accompanying person: € 85 - € 110 - n/a

Welcome Reception accompanying person: free - free - n/a

Annual Party accompanying person: free - free - n/a

Annual Dinner accompanying person: € 65 - € 65 - n/a


The Accompanying Person fee includes:

Admission to the Opening Ceremony

Admission to the Welcome Reception

Admission to the Annual Party (+ 1 complimentary drink)

EAA Guideline on assigning members to Countries 

The EAA identifies a member’s home Country as being the place where they work,

study or reside, rather than their nationality. This definition is used for membership statistics and fees, eligibility for Wenner Gren grants, and at the Annual Meetings for the Abstract Book, the Programme and Delegate Badges, etc.

‘Country’ is defined as being a nation state which is a member or observer at the

Council of Europe (http:// or the United Nations

( The form of the name used should be that used in the English language lists of members and observers on the websites of the Council of Europe (for European countries) and the UN (for the rest of the world).

It should be noted that dependent or autonomous territories that do not participate in such organisations are not defined as Countries for EAA purposes.

The only exception to this definition regards Kosovo, which has a UN interim

administration, and is an admissible country for the time being.


Cancellation received before 30 June 2017: full refund of the registration fee less € 30 handling fee. After 30 June 2017: no refund.


The Conference Secretariat must be notified in writing by e-mail about the cancellation of the registration.

Telephone cancellation will not be accepted.


The appropriate refunds will be made after the conference.

Exchange rates differences and bank charges will be deducted.

Name Change 

If you are prevented from attending for a serious reason, you will be given the opportunity to send a colleague in your place. Name changes should be notified in writing to Conference Secretariat to:


A handling fee of € 25 will be charged for each name change.

General Conditions of Using Insight 

Your registration will be processed by the registration module of Klinkhamer Group | meeting services called Insight. General Conditions on using their registration tool will apply. These General Conditions shall apply to all applications, registrations and payments made through the Klinkhamer Insight module developed by Klinkhamer Group. Please be sure you read and understand these conditions before you register.

No support for travel, no support for accommodation 

Please note that the organisers cannot provide any support for travel and accommodation. Therefore please do not submit requests for travel and accommodation support.

Programme of Sessions

The programme of Sessions is now available. (last updated: 28 July 2017).

Click here to download the Programma Book.

Click here to download the Abstract Book.


Deadline for Student Award application: 13 August. Click here for more information


Deadline for last cancellation: 15 August 2017


Registration closes16 August 2017


Thank you for your registration! We will keep you posted.

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